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Letter from Chairman


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Welcome to Indonesia!


On behalf of all members of the Indonesia Golf Course Owners Association (APLGI), I have the distinguished pleasure and honor of introducing this brand-new Indonesia-golfdestination website to golfers around te globe.

Although we truly believe that golfing in Indonesia is way too good to keep it all to ourselves, for way too long, golfing in Indonesia has been looked upon as the world's best kept golf secret. This website is gonna change it all.

In word and image, it truly tells the comprehensive story about Indonesia's fabulous world of golf and leisure. At the same time, it tells the story about the exquisite quality of Indonesia's finest golf courses, and all that comes with golf-travel and leisure in the world's largest archipelago.

This website will write in stone, Indonesia's reputation as one of the most exciting new golf destinations in Asia, if not the world.

From no more than 50 golf courses during the 1980-ties, to currently a little more than 150, it really is no wonder that Indonesia is finally recognized as Asia's fastest-growing golf hub.

Sixty (60) of Indonesia's finest golf courses are member of the APLGI, and this truly safeguards a consistently high quality of service and maintenance on each and every APLGI golf course golfers get to play.

From north to south, and from east to west, APLGI golf courses are located all across the archipelago. They are found in cities and in regions, as well as on tropical, and sometime mystical islands, large and small.

Indonesians are known for being warm and hospitable people, People in the know say, that they were born to smile. No wonder that Indonesia's hospitality industry, globally, has a claim for fame.

Indonesia's highly interesting and diverse world of art & culture, and Indonesia's fabulous world of golf and leisure, perfectly compliment each other.

From Jakarta, fabulous golf destinations such as Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Sumatra, as well as tropical "golf islands" such as Bali, Lombok, Belitung, Bintan, and Bantam, are all within easy reach. Therefore, the choice is sheer limitless, and it is all yours.

Rest assured, that the staff of each and every APLGI golf course is there to assist you in making your Indonesia golf holiday an unforgettable experience, so that you can look back on it with a smile, and long after you've made your final putt, or long after you have left our friendly and welcoming shores.

Have a great golfing holiday here in Indonesia, and we sincerely hope that you will be coming back for more of the same.

Happy golfing.

M. Tachril
Chairman of APLGI (2014-2018)



Asia Golf Tourism Convention 2015
Jakarta menjadi tuan rumah Asia Golf Tourism Convention 2015, 28-29 April lalu. Lapangan-lapangan anggota APLGI ikut berpartisipasi untuk berpromosi dan membuka jaringan bisnis dengan para peserta dari berbagai negara di Asia Pacifik.

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